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About Us

Label PS’B is an amalgamation of Contemporary & Intricate Elements.

We’re a label created by: Bhoomi with a dream to create beautiful, luxurious & light-weight designs. We aim to celebrate Indian hand embroideries by merging them with intricate work to create beautiful silhouettes. Our easy to wear outfits have a fresh look with a burst of vivacious colors, our own beautiful prints and detailed embellishments.

We believe that fashion should not be just about looking good, but it should also make you feel good. We believe that fashion can be an expression of your personal style. We want to inspire people with our designs so that they can feel good about themselves, feel confident in whatever they wear and make them stand out amongst their peers!

Each outfit is a vision of beauty, designs & intricacies that bring out the best in all women.


Meet Bhoomi, the Marketing Mind behind Label PS’B.
She is a fashionista at heart and after completing her Master’s in Marketing she decided to combine both her passion and skill into a business.

She knows how to make a brand stand out.

It’s been 7 years now, and there is no looking back. Her main motto is “Just give your soul in what you do”

Label PS’B is like her baby – and she will nurture it at its fullest.